How do I invoice for payment?

You may invoice for payment in two ways:

Submit Your Voucher Online

Submit your voucher for payment online »

This is the preferred method.

Submit Your Voucher through U.S. Mail

In order to receive prompt payment for services rendered, please follow these instructions:

Remember, you must allow sufficient time for processing and receipt of your voucher. The 30-day Prompt Payment Act does not begin until your voucher is received and recorded in the payment office.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)/Other Help


  • PDF, 166 KbFEMA Directive 126-6: Prompt Pay (PDF, 166 Kb)
    FEMA standards, procedures, and responsibilities for the timely payment of commercial obligations and for the payment of interest penalties when payments are late.

To follow-up on a late or missed payment, contact: FEMA Finance Center/Mandy Lang at (540) 504-1831 or the FEMA Finance Center Hot Line at 540-504-1899. Please allow 24 hours for a call back.