How does the background suitability process work?

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Failure by the contract instructor to maintain Employment Suitability as prescribed by the Department of Homeland Security could result in an instructor's removal from the qualified bidder's list. Prior to the award of any contract for services, the instructor must have completed all the necessary documentation for background suitability screening and been determined to be currently suitable to work on a Federal government facility or work with Federal government documents. For additional information, please contact the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Case Management Unit at (301) 447-1815, or email Lee Wren.

How will I receive information stating that I need to begin the background suitability process?

Once the NFA has determined that you are an eligible bidder, a Training Specialist will contact you and then forward your information (name, address, phone, email) to the Case Management Unit (CMU). The CMU will then mail you a package with an instruction letter, five fingerprint cards, and an e-QIP Profile form that you will need to complete and return to the CMU.

Where should I go to have my fingerprints done?

If you are not local to the Emmitsburg, MD area you should be fingerprinted by your local sheriff's, police, state police, or municipal office. If you are local you can be fingerprinted at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) by calling (301) 447-7211 and scheduling an appointment. It is important that you use the fingerprint cards that were included in the packet you received from the CMU.

How will I be notified that my fingerprints have been cleared?

If you supplied an email address to the CMU they will contact you via email with the next steps or by phone if no email address is available.

Receiving Email from NFA

If you have a spam filter on your email, make sure that you allow emails from addresses.

Why am I receiving a notice stating that my fingerprints need to be redone?

Your fingerprints need to be very clear when they are done. There are times when the machines are unable to accurately read your prints. If this happens, the CMU will contact you to redo your fingerprints.

Where do I go to complete the e-QIP?

You will receive an email or a phone call stating that your e-QIP account has been activated. This email will also give you instructions and the Web address to the e-QIP. The email will have the Subject Line: "NETC: Suitability e-QIP Account. You Now Have 30 Days..."

Where can I find the "Signature Pages"?

Once you have read and completed the information within the e-QIP it will prompt you at the end to review, print, and release your information. When you print your copy of the completed e-QIP, it will also print three additional pages that you will need to sign and return with your packet. The three signature pages will consist of: Certification that My Answers are True, Authorization for Release of Information, and Authorization for Release of Medical Information.

If I have a question about background suitability, who should I call?

Call the Case Management Unit (CMU): Lee Wren at (301) 447-1815.

What forms of ID are acceptable to submit with my paperwork?

A list of acceptable documents is included in the email information that you received when your e-QIP account was activated. You will choose one document from List A or one document from both List B and List C. Please Do not send original forms of ID; copies only should be submitted.

How will I know that my investigation has been completed?

You will not be notified that your investigation has been completed: "No news is good news." You will however be contacted if the agency finds a problem with your information or if it has further questions.

What if my information is incorrect when I begin the e-QIP (name, date of birth, place of birth)?

You should notify the CMU immediately. The CMU will access your profile to make the correction so that you are able to complete the e-QIP accurately.

I cannot log into the e-QIP program, what should I do?

Check to be sure that your CAPS lock is not on; your logon information is case sensitive. If you are still unable to log into the program please contact the CMU to verify that your account was activated using the correct information. The CMU will ask you to verify your SSN, Full Name, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth. The CMU will also have the capability to reset your passwords to access the database.

How will I know the answers the three "Golden Questions"?

When you log into the e-QIP program for the first time it will ask you three "Golden Questions:" your last name, the city of your birth, and your four digit year of birth. If these are not the questions that you receive on your first attempt to log into the program, you will need to contact the CMU. Once you have logged in successfully for the first time the program will prompt you to create three new Golden Questions of your choice. It is important that you remember the answers to the questions. Remember: the answers are case sensitive.

If you are logging back into the program using the three new Golden Questions that you have created and are unable to logon successfully, you should contact the CMU to have your questions reset.

Why was my e-QIP account terminated?

Your e-QIP account can terminate for several reasons. It will terminate if you fail to access it within 30 days of activation, if you fail to complete and release it to the agency, or if we do not receive your paperwork in time once you have completed the online e-QIP.

Where do I mail my background suitability documents once I have completed the requirements?

National Emergency Training Center
Building I
Case Management Unit
16825 South Seton Ave.
Emmitsburg, MD 21727