How do I update my DUNS/CCR/ORCA information?

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Any questions concerning DUNS/CCR/ORCA may be directed to Lee Ann Benamati at (301) 447-1411.

DUNS Number

If you don't already have a DUNS number, you must get one. You can call 1-866-705-5711 (calling appears to be the easiest method) or go online at to obtain one. This process usually takes approximately 24 hours.

Central Contract Registration (CCR)

After obtaining your DUNS number, go to and register in the CCR database. The information you'll need to provide is standard. If a contractor/vendor is not registered in CCR, a purchase order cannot be issued. If a contractor/vendor refuses to register in CCR, the next bidder who complies with the CCR requirements will be contacted to teach the course.

Please Note: You are required to update your status in the CCR database each year and you are also required to provide your DUNS number prior to any bid submission. For more detailed information, please reference the Federal Government Federal Acquisition Regulation clause 52.204-7 (Central Contracting Registration).

Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA)

In addition to the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), all vendors (not just instructors) must now do their official certifications in Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), which is accessible through

Once you log into this Website, you will see the ORCA area, in the gray box, to click on and from there you just need to follow instructions on how to register. ORCA is an e-Government initiative that was designed by the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) to replace the paper based Representations and Certifications (Reps and Certs) process.

Please Note: Your certification must be completed before you can submit a bid.