Instructor Newsletter (September 2012)

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Reminder: Political Campaign Items

Contract instructors may not display or wear any non-historical political campaign items while representing DHS in a group, instructional or office setting. Displaying of such items may create a false impression of governmental association and/or endorsement and could mislead and confuse the public.

Fire Prevention and EMS Lead Year End Curriculum Development Report

As FY 2012 winds down, it is an opportunity to take stock of this year’s curriculum development accomplishments. We continue to emphasize emerging issues in fire prevention and emergency medical services. Of the 25 new courses under development, 11 (44%) are in the three fire prevention curricula (management, public education and technical). There are three new EMS courses (12% of all new developments) that reflect our recently granted Congressional authorization to teach advanced EMS leadership skills.

Of the 17 classes that are being revised, two (11.7%) are in fire prevention and two (11.7%) are in EMS. The balance of new and revised courses are distributed among the remaining curricula. For FY2013, we expect to see some new blended delivery methods being employed, including mediated instruction, more Coffee Break-style training, and perhaps even a MOOC: a “massive online open course.” These new delivery modes will help us reach a larger student population.

Instructor Bios

As previously requested, we ask that you check back into your Profile (within your dashboard) so that you can update the Biography section. Since our State and regional training partners will access this same information to advertise their course deliveries, it is important that we provide them with the most current information. You will see the following three areas: 1) Experience and Employment Affiliation, 2) Education, and 3) Additional Information (course-specific experience, experience as an NFA Instructor, and additional areas of expertise). We feel certain that the enhanced look of the Biography section will provide our training partners with more information, and a better understanding of the wealth of experience and expertise that each of you brings as an NFA instructor.

New Course Codes

Starting in FY13, the course codes will now contain 4 digit numbers, instead of 3. They will still contain the letter, so it will now consist of “one alpha and four numeric digits”. There will be a “0” (zero) between the letter designation and the first number. For example, R123 will now become R0123. All purchase orders for FY13 will reference the new course codes.

Updated Instructor Computer Screen and Operating Guidelines

Instructor podium computers are currently in the process of moving from WindowsXP to Windows7 operating system. This will change the “look” of the computer screen slightly as some features are no longer supported in the exact same manner. The attached screen shot is how the computer will look starting this month. The “Operating AV and Computer Equipment in J Building Classroom Guide” has been updated, and will be placed on each podium machine.

USFA's Focus on Fire Safety

USFA's fire safety message this month deals with Preparedness.