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USFA organization chart

The majority of staff below may be reached through email by sending a message in this format: You may also use the Contact Us form to send a message to a staff member.

Office of the U.S. Fire Administrator

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Mitchell, Ernest U.S. Fire Administrator 202-646-4223
Blackman, Kyle Executive Officer 202-646-4676
Blankenship, Patricia Program Analyst 202-646-1349
Crouch, Vanetta Secretary 202-646-2882
Cunningham, Angela Staff Assistant 202-646-4223
Lawrence, Cortez Education Program Specialist 301-447-1147
Miller, Elizabeth Budget Analyst 301-447-1054
Olshanski, Thomas External Affairs Specialist 301-447-1853
Orndorff, Tracy Financial Management Specialist 301-447-1375

Office of the Deputy U.S. Fire Administrator

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Gaines, Glenn Deputy U.S. Fire Administrator 301-447-1018
Davis, Elsie Management Analyst 301-447-1627
Riffle, Elizabeth Secretary 301-447-1018

National Fire Academy

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Onieal, Denis Superintendent 301-447-1117
MacPhail, Ruth Secretary 301-447-1117

Curriculum and Instruction Branch

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Neale, Robert Deputy Superintendent 301-447-1209

Response Section

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Vacant Chief  
Bennett, Robert J. Training Specialist 301-447-1483
Hernandez, Susan Instructional Systems Specialist 301-447-1240
Phelan, Cheryl Program Support Assistant (OA) 301-447-1609
Stern, Michael Training Specialist 301-447-1253
Vogtman, Lee Instructional Systems Specialist 301-447-1271
Yoder, Wayne Training Specialist 301-447-1090

Leadership and Fire Risk Reduction Section

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Vacant Chief  
Hefelfinger, Tracey Program Support Assistant 301-447-1085
Bassett, Gerry Training Specialist 301-447-1094
Gartrell-Kemp, Deborah Program Support Assistant 301-447-1730
Harmon, Stacey Instructional Systems Specialist 301-447-1624
Heilig, Colleen Training Specialist 301-447-1613
Kuck, Russell Instructional Systems Specialist 301-447-1009
Marchone, Mary Training Specialist 301-447-1476
Stratton, Woody Training Specialist 301-447-1380

Administration and Delivery Branch

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Kiefer, Kirby Deputy Superintendent 301-447-1083
Newlin, Ellen Program Support Assistant 301-447-1098

Education, Training, and Partnership Section

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Farmer, Ken Chief 301-447-1871
Davis, Julie Field Training Specialist 301-447-1084
Frantz, Juliann Training Specialist 301-447-7689
Little, Terri Training Specialist 301-447-1083
McCabe, Michael Education Program Specialist 301-447-1894
Welch, Lori Fire Training Specialist 301-447-1301
Wypijewski, Paul Program Specialist (LMS) 301-447-1512

Training, Administration, Planning, and Analysis Section

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Gladhill, Terry Chief 301-447-1239
Benamati, Lee Ann Training Technician 301-447-1411
Chevalier, Laura Program Analyst 301-447-1614
Close, V. Diane Field Training Specialist 301-447-1376
Glass, Joyce Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1193
Johnson, Michelle Program Support Assistant 301-447-2197
Long, Dawn Statistician 301-447-1488
Long, Tonya Training Technician 301-447-1135
Strayer, Roxane Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1642
Weiler, Nancy Program Assistant 301-447-1168
Wivell, Cynthia Training Technician 301-447-1157

National Fire Programs

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Furr, Alex Division Director 301-447-1353
Haines, Karen Program Analyst 301-447-1275
Magers, Cheryl Secretary 301-447-7263

National Fire Data Center

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Pabody, Brad Chief 301-447-1340
Carter, Kathleen Program Support Assistant 301-447-1349
Casey, Marianne Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1141
Crevier, Tina Program Support Assistant 301-447-1107
Heeschen, Jim Statistician 301-447-1180
Kelch, Gayle Statistician 301-447-1154
Lawler, Meredith Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1421
Long, Marion Fire Program Specialist 301-447-7217
McKenna, Larry Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1361
Nagy, Frank Statistician 301-447-7572
Stewart, Stanford Computer Program Specialist 301-447-7240
Troup, William Firefighter Health/Safety Specialist 301-447-1231
Whitney, Mark Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1836

Prevention and Information Branch

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Facinoli, Sandra Chief 301-447-7569
Arrington, Tomara Fire Program Specialist 301-447-7647
Gentzel, Dennis Fire Program Specialist 301-447-7574
Grundy, Maury Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1300
Kaas, Teressa Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1263
Makar, Lisa Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1362
Metz, Ed Librarian 301-447-1046
Neal, Teresa Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1024
O'Dowd, Timothy Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1091
Ryan, Rebecca Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1128
Slemmer, Esther Program Support Assistant (OA) 301-447-1067

Emergency Response Support Branch

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Ziebart, Ricky Chief 301-447-1821
Bidaburu, Aitor Fire Program Specialist (208) 387-5698
Broughton, Cathy Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1854
Carnegis, John Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1247
Cox, Dean Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1070
Fortner, Denise Program Support Assistant 301-447-1359
Henke, Keith Fire Program Specialist 301-447-7266
Hensler, Bruce Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1837
Krietz, Phyllis Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1224
Riewald, Dean Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1087

NETC Management, Operations, and Support Services Division

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Fluman, Al Division Director 301-447-1223
Pecher, Janice Secretary 301-447-1223

Facility Management Branch

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Benson, Valerie Chief 301-447-7576
Antonich, Anthony Facility Operations Specialist 301-447-1317
Boyd, JoAnn Admissions Specialist 301-447-1415
Coshun, Deb Property Management Specialist 301-447-1458
Drager, Steve Information Technology Specialist 301-447-1118
Grimes, Teresa Information Technology Specialist 301-447-1217
Johnson, Johnny Information Technology Specialist 301-447-1487
Mathias, Wanda Program Operations Specialist 301-447-1474
Sollenberger, Merril Administrative Specialist 301-447-1179
Staples, Bryan Occupational Safety and Health Manager 301-447-1910
Thoma, Barry Facility Support Specialist 301-447-1422
Titus, Thomas Building Manager 301-447-1475
Velisek, Vanessa Program Support Assistant 301-447-1414
Wells, Michael Security Specialist 301-447-1405
Wren, Lee Facility Services Specialist 301-447-1815

Operations and Support Branch

Name (last, first) Title Phone
Topper, Susan Chief 301-447-1196
Andrew, Roxanne Admissions Clerk 301-447-1337
Brown, Tiffany Admissions Assistant 301-447-1021
Clift, Lori Admissions Clerk 301-447-7209
Hahn, Tina Admissions Assistant 301-447-1505
Harris, Emma Admissions Clerk 301-447-1503
Harrison, Crystal Admissions Assistant 301-447-1524
Hawkinberry, Kristine Admissions Assistant 301-447-1525
Hess, Deborah Program Services Specialist 301-447-1029
Martin, Jean Admissions Assistant 301-447-1589
McCarron, Myra Admissions Clerk 301-447-1504
Mogenhan, Patricia Program Services Specialist 301-447-1418
Pastick, Wesley Program Support Assistant 301-447-1544
Sentz, Jane Admissions Clerk 301-447-7207
Snively, Susan Account Technician 301-447-1367
Snyder, Kelly Program Analyst 301-447-1395
Spielman, Michelle Admissions Assistant 301-447-1478
White, Clarence Program Analyst 301-447-1055
Wilhelm, Cynthia Admissions Assistant 301-447-1290
Wilt, Jody Admissions Clerk 301-447-1035