About the Campaign

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photo of a man installing a smoke alarm

The Install. Inspect. Protect. Campaign encourages Americans to practice fire safety, to protect themselves and their families, and to protect the firefighters who work each day to save lives. Research has proven the effectiveness of the following fire safety practices:

  1. installing and maintaining smoke alarms and residential fire sprinklers;
  2. practicing fire escape plans; and,
  3. performing a home safety walk-through to eliminate fire hazards from homes.

The Install. Inspect. Protect. Campaign is part of the United States Fire Administration's effort to reduce fire deaths and injuries across the nation. More than 2,500 people die in residential fires each year in the United States; the majority of whom are in homes without a working smoke alarm.

Campaign Launch

The Install. Inspect. Protect. Campaign launched on October 28, 2009. Participants included the USFA’s Administrator Kelvin J. Cochran, members of the fire service, the media and campaign partners.

Video and Photo Credits

Thank you to the following for providing footage and photos for the Install. Inspect. Protect Campaign materials: