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Maybe your community was struck by a home fire that was caused by cigarettes or other smoking materials. Or perhaps your community has been lucky enough to avoid such a tragedy. The Smoking & Home Fires Campaign by the U.S. Fire Administration works to educate people about how they can prevent home fire deaths and injuries caused by smoking materials. Our key message is: "If you smoke, Put It Out. All the Way. Every Time."

Fires caused by smoking materials affect not only the smoker, but non-smokers as well. Did you know that one-in-four people killed in home fires is not the smoker whose cigarette caused the fire.

The U.S. Fire Administration welcomes media inquiries regarding this campaign. In addition to answering questions, the following components are also available to media:

Demonstration of home smoking fire.

Stubbing cigarette out in ashtray.


Putting cigarette out in can of sand.

Soaking cigarette butt under water.


Information and Interviews

Journalists seeking additional information, video bites in BETA format, or an interview with a USFA spokesperson are welcome to contact our Public Information Office at (301) 447-1853 or email Tom Olshanski.