Candle Fire Safety

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By the Numbers: Candle Fires

estimated number of home candle fires each year
estimated number of home candle fire deaths each year
estimated number of home candle fire injuries each year
of home candle fires start because the candle is too close to combustible materials
of candle fires begin when candles are unattended or abandoned
of home candle fires begin in the bedroom, more than in any other room
of candle fire deaths occur between Midnight and 6 am

Top Five Days for Home Candle Fires

  1. Christmas Day
  2. Christmas Eve
  3. New Year’s Day
  4. Halloween
  5. December 23
Source: Home Candle Fires, NFPA Fire Analysis and Research, Quincy, MA, June 2010
Put a Freeze on Winter Fires

Causes and Circumstances of Home Candle Fires

Sources: NFIRS, NFPA

Candle Safety Tips

Put candles in sturdy metal, glass, or ceramic holders.

Put candles in sturdy metal, glass or ceramic holders.

Remember!  Candle fires are PREVENTABLE!

In the event of a fire, remember time is the biggest enemy and every second counts!

Escape first, and then call for help. Develop a home fire escape plan and practice it frequently with your family.  Designate a meeting place outside. Make sure everyone in the family knows two ways to escape from every room.

Never stand up in a fire, always crawl low under the smoke, and try to keep your mouth covered. Never return to a burning building for any reason: it may cost you your life.

Finally, having a working smoke alarm dramatically increases your chances of surviving a fire.

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