National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) Self-Study (Q494)

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Serving as an introduction to version 5.0 of the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), this self-study course provides an overview of the data collection system, its modules, and data conversion issues. Coding scenario exercises are also included. This training program is geared to allow you to proceed at your own pace.

NFIRS is the comprehensive method for detailed tracking of fire, emergency, and related incident responses. The information that can be recorded in NFIRS can be used by your emergency services organization to:

How to Enroll

NFIRS 5.0 Self-Study (Q494) is available through NFA Online. Once enrolled, students may download the course content and take an exam to achieve a National Fire Academy (NFA) Certificate of Completion. Enroll Now »

NFIRS 5.0 Self-Study Course Materials

For students not wishing to enroll, course materials for Q494 may be downloaded below. The post-test is not included. A certificate of completion from the NFA may be earned through NFA Online only.

NFIRS 5.0 Self-Study Modules and Appendices

The post-test for this course and a National Fire Academy certificate of completion is available through NFA Online.