Type 3 Incident Management Team Curriculum

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As part of a technical assistance program to develop Incident Management Teams across the country, the U.S. Fire Administration's National Fire Program Branch is coordinating the management of the USFA Type 3 Incident Management Team curriculum for state, specified regional, and tribal Incident Management Teams.

Course Goal

The overall goal of USFA's Incident Management Team (IMT) program is to develop state, regional, and tribal IMTs to function under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) during a large and/or complex incident or a major event. This course is designed for those who are assigned to function in a Type 3 IMT during a large/complex incident, typically extending into multiple operational periods. The Type 3 IMT can either support an existing ICS structure, or can assume command of an incident if requested to do so. The Type 3 IMT can ease the transition to a National IMT for large scale, long duration, or complex incidents.

Course Schedule

Unit 0 Introduction and Overview
Unit 1 Course Introduction
Unit 2 Leadership and Team Dynamics
Unit 3 Introduction to the Planning Cycle
Unit 4 The Planning Cycle
Unit 5 Simulation

Instructional Cadre

This course requires 2 instructors, one as lead instructor and a designated mentor for each team within the class, all with specific IMT experience.

Class Size

Recommended number of students is 24-50, as determined by the host agency. The intent is to have students assigned/designated for each of the 8 Command and General Staff positions within an IMT, plus appropriate deputies in Command, Operations Section, and Planning Section. Some students for specific unit positions are also acceptable.

For more information, please contact:

William Martin
National Program Manager-USFA Type 3 IMT Program
Department of Homeland Security
16825 S. Seton Avenue, Room E-115A
Emmitsburg, MD 21727
(301) 447-1304
(240) 997-8082 (cell)