Subject guide: civil defense

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This resource page allows you to browse our collection of reports, videos and other publications related to civil defense published or funded by the Office of Civil Defense, the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, Office of Civil Defense Mobilization, Federal Civil Defense Administration and later FEMA during the cold war period from the 1950s thru 1980s. Many of these resources are available online but not all. If you need assistance getting access to a copy of any of these materials, please contact the library at 301-447-1046.

Civil defense reports collection

Annual reports Biological warfare
Blast effects Crisis relocation
Decontamination Disaster planning
Disaster scenarios EMP
Fallout Fire
Monitors Nuclear explosions
Nuclear warfare Radiation
Radiation effects Radiation shielding
Radioactive contamination Recovery
Shelters Warning systems
Water supplies  

Online magazine articles


Civil defense video collection

What the planner needs to know about

Firefighting for civil defense emergencies

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