Subject guide: Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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This resource page allows you to browse our collection materials drawn from federal, state and local governments as well as non-governmental organizations, and professional and scholarly publications. Many of these resources are available online but not all. Fire and EMS: if you need assistance getting access to a copy of any of these materials, please contact the library at 301-447-1046.

Frequently requested topics

EMS Data, Trends & Statistics

EMS Training & Education

EMS Chiefs & Fire Officers/Company Officers

EMS & Managers, Supervisors & Leadership

Other EMS topics

EMS & Scene Safety

EMS & Violence

Fire & EMS Consolidation/Fire-based EMS

Ambulance service

Patient transfer

EMS reimbursement, cost recovery

Life support

Call Numbers

  • RA 645
  • RC 86


Magazine articles

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Finding peer-reviewed articles

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Executive Fire Officer Program papers

Online reports/documents/guides

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Multimedia resources

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