Subject guide: wildland urban interface

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This resource page allows you to browse our citations to over 1000 articles, reports, books, dissertations and more, relating to the wildland urban interface (WUI). Many of the citations contain links for online access. Citations display with the most recent additions to the library at the very top of the search results.

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Aerial fire suppression After action reports
Building construction Case studies
Computer models Conflagrations
Decision making Disaster preparedness
Drills/exercises Emergency response
Evacuations Fire apparatus
Fire behavior Fire codes
Fire hazards Fire histories
Fire prevention/safety Fire protection
Fire seasons Firefighter safety/fatalities
I ZONE In-place sheltering/shelters
Interagency cooperation ICS/fireground command
Lessons learned/best practices Mitigation
Plants Prefire planning
Prescribed burning Public education/awareness
Public policy Risk evaluation/perception
Water supplies Training
Wildland management Wildland fire suppression

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