Fire Prevention Photo Gallery

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High-resolution color photographs depicting best practices in fire prevention and fire-safe behaviors. These photographs are in the public domain and are not copyrighted.

Appliance Safety
(1 Image)

Coffee pot unplugged on a counter with an electrical outlet in the background

Candle Safety
(6 Images)

Three women looking at magazine with candles in foreground

Cigarette Safety
(12 Images)

Close up of hand extinguishing cigarettearette in urn with sand

CO Alarms
(3 Images)

Two different types of CO alarms

Cooking Safety
(9 Images)

Slightly overhead shot of older woman at cook top stirring food in skillet and adding seasoning

Electrical Safety
(12 Images)

Overhead shot of full loaded multi plug

Escape Planning
(19 Images)

Asian-American family; mother and older daughter pointing at plan

Fall Prevention
(2 Images)

Older adults with fire personnel illustrating tape on rug

Fire Extinguishers
(6 Images)

Two fire extinguishers on white background

Heating Safety
(17 Images)

Space heater off to right; woman in chair on left; blanket and walker visible

Smoke Alarms
(29 Images)

Hispanic man on ladder installing alarm; wife holding ladder