NFA Food Service and Menu

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Daily Menu Recording: (301) 447-7200

The NETC food service contractor is Guest Services. If you stay on campus, you must purchase a meal ticket. If you do not purchase a meal ticket, you will be asked to vacate your room on campus. You then will be responsible for your off-campus lodging costs, and your request for stipend reimbursement will be denied.

Hours (Sunday – Saturday)


The cost for the meal ticket is $25.04 per day—breakfast is $5.81; lunch is $7.96; and dinner is $11.27. There is no tax on the meal ticket. The amounts for 5-day, 6-day, and 2-week courses are:

If you stay off campus, you must purchase a break ticket, currently $6.00 per day.


You may pay for your meals by one of the following payment methods:

Meals other than those included in your meal ticket are to be paid for by cash.

Special Circumstances

Special Diets

If you are on a special diet, please call Guest Services at (301) 447-1551 or fax your request to (301) 447-6944 at least 2 weeks prior to arriving at NETC. Guest Services will make arrangements to meet your needs. If you don’t make arrangements prior to your arrival, you will be responsible for purchasing the normal meal ticket.