NFA Campus Registration

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Arriving on Campus - Photo ID

Due to increased security precautions, students should bring two photo ID’s to campus. PLEASE HAVE THEM WITH YOU, NOT IN YOUR LUGGAGE! If you do not have the photo ID’s, you will not be permitted on campus. Security checks will delay your registration at the NETC. If you are a student from a foreign country, please be prepared to show your passport or visa at registration.

Prohibited Items


Firearms are prohibited on campus!

Due to heightened security requirements, please understand that security and law enforcement personnel may search you, your vehicle, or your luggage. Maryland law is very narrow in its definition of law enforcement officers who may carry firearms. For your own protection, and to expedite your processing into the NETC, do not bring weapons of any kind to campus. Weapons include knives with blades longer than 3 inches, machete, bow and arrows, ammunition, rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc. Sworn/Commissioned and State Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified officers and Federal officers, or local officers with concurrent jurisdiction who require a firearm for the performance of required official duties must obtain an exception from the Director of Support Services prior to arrival on campus. If you arrive at NETC with weapons of any kind without prior approval, your entry to campus will be delayed significantly.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is not allowed in lodging rooms or vehicles, and will be confiscated. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is limited to the Command Post Pub and the Log Cabin.

Class, Dormitory, and Vehicle Registration

Class, dormitory, and vehicle registration will take place in Building C Lobby. Since you may have to walk some distance to your room, we recommend you bring luggage with wheels.

If traveling by air or train you will need:

A copy of your ticket that shows an itinerary of your trip and proves that the ticket purchased is:

Reimbursement will not be authorized for first class, business class, economy plus upgrades, frequent flier miles, or fees associated with seat upgrades or early bird check-ins.

If driving, you will need to provide: