Coffee Break Training: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Series Index

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Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF)/Other Help) Date
Special Event Planning (PDF, 365 Kb) 7/10/13
Preplanning (PDF, 416 Kb) 7/3/13
Evidence-based Change in EMS (PDF, 378 Kb) 6/26/13
Emergency Medical Services Program at the National Fire Academy (PDF, 352 Kb) 2/20/13
Human Trafficking (PDF, 334 Kb) 1/9/13
EMS Mass-Casualty Support Vehicles (PDF, 373 Kb) 2/15/12
EMS Multipatient Medical Transport Vehicles (PDF, 397 Kb) 2/8/12
EMS Resource Type Definitions (PDF, 351 Kb) 2/1/12
Medical Group versus Medical Unit (PDF, 344 Kb) 1/25/12