Fire Dynamics

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Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Help) Date
Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres (PDF, 527 Kb) 4/1/14
Changing Severity of Home Fires (PDF, 604 Kb) 12/10/13
Spontaneous Heating of Agricultural Products (PDF, 506 Kb) 6/18/13
Fire or Thermal Plumes (PDF, 153 Kb) 8/28/12
Heated Air Flow (PDF, 152 Kb) 12/2/08
Flame Descriptions (PDF, 220 Kb) 11/18/08
Plastics (Part 5: Expanded and Unexpanded Plastics) (PDF, 288 Kb) 7/15/08
Plastics (Part 4: Thermoset and Thermoplastic Polymers) (PDF, 283 Kb) 7/8/08
Plastics (Part 3: Plastic, Elastomer, and Rubber Groups) (PDF, 358 Kb) 7/1/08
Plastics (Part 2: Plastic Groups) (PDF, 313 Kb) 6/24/08
Plastics (Part 1: Introduction to Plastics) (PDF, 246 Kb) 6/17/08
Fundamental Fire Physics: Lesson 2 (PDF, 138 Kb) 9/11/07
The Chemical History of a Candle (PDF, 117 Kb) 4/17/07
Common Conversion Factors (PDF, 185 Kb) 4/10/07
Fundamental Fire Physics (PDF, 131 Kb) 2/28/06

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  • PDF, 1.1 MbIllustration: Time vs. Products of Combustion (PDF, 1.1 Mb)
    The illustration demonstrates the relationship between time and how a fire grows. Various warnings and interventions, such as smoke alarms, fire sprinklers and the fire department are depicted along the timeline.