Coffee Break Training: Responder Health and Safety Series Index

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Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF)/Other Help) Date
Recognizing the Medical Condition of Uncooperative and Combative Victims (“Excited Delirium Syndrome”) (PDF, 428 Kb) 7/23/14
Determining Your Body Frame Size and Its Impact on Body Weight (PDF, 461 Kb) 9/18/13
Determining Your Waist-to-height Ratio and Associated Health Risks (PDF, 426 Kb) 9/11/13
The Other PAR, PersonAl Responsibility (PDF, 563 Kb) 5/22/13
Calculating Your BMI – Why? (PDF, 374 Kb) 5/8/13
Emergency Incident Personnel Rehabilitation (PDF, 402 Kb) 3/28/12
Roadway Incident Operations Safety (PDF, 370 Kb) 3/21/12
Alive on Arrival (PDF, 458 Kb) 3/14/12
Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department Safety Officers (PDF, 359 Kb) 3/7/12