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Special Blend

Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Help) Category Date
Buildings with Cellars and Basements (PDF, 244 Kb) Building Construction 10/17/10
Buildings Under Renovation or Construction (PDF, 256 KB) Building Construction 6/17/10
Petroleum Bulk Plant Incidents (PDF, 227 KB) Inspection Techniques 1/21/10
Abandoned Buildings (PDF, 178 KB) Inspection Techniques 12/02/09

Hot Coffee

Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Help) Category Date
Reimbursement for Fighting Fire on Federal Property (PDF, 614 KB) Administration 9/12/13
Unauthorized Compressed Gas Cylinders (PDF, 229 KB) Hazardous Materials 12/19/12
Hidden Flood Dangers (PDF, 188 KB) Hazardous Materials 11/7/12
The Emerging Issue of Fire Service Ethics (PDF, 487 KB) Management Science 9/5/12
Human Trafficking (PDF, 263 KB) Emergency Medical Services 2/2/12
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Alert to Fire Safety Professionals (PDF, 247 KB) Building Construction 3/31/10
Possible Product Incompatibility (PDF, 216 KB) Automatic Sprinklers 3/4/09
Avoiding Unwanted Accidents (PDF, 299 KB) Storage Practices 12/11/08
Biodiesel Products and Manufacturing (PDF, 305 KB) Hazardous Materials 5/2/08
Fire Door Inspections (PDF, 160 KB) Inspection Techniques 8/28/07
Ready to Respond: Reporting Structural Hazards (PDF, 127 KB) Inspection Techniques 6/19/07
Multifamily Dwelling Sprinkler Protection Building Construction 3/13/07
Daylight Saving Time: A New Y2K Worry? (PDF, 123 Kb) Fire Alarms 3/6/07
Web-Based Lightweight Construction Education (PDF, 130 Kb) Building Construction 2/28/07
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Hazards (PDF, 219 Kb) Hazardous Materials 2/1/07
Fire Protection Systems for Emergency Operations (PDF, 179 Kb) Administration 11/21/06
Explosive Material Classifications (PDF, 164 Kb) Hazardous Materials 10/4/06
Fire Control in the Wildland-Urban Interface (PDF, 206 Kb) Inspection Techniques 9/8/06
Jockey Pump Safety Recall (PDF, 164 Kb) Fire Pumps 8/29/06
Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems (PDF, 153 Kb) Administration 8/8/06
Finger-Jointed Trusses (PDF, 121 Kb) Building Construction 7/6/06