Coffee Break Training: Infosearch and Web 2.0 Series Index

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Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF)/Other Help) Date
Learning Resource Center (LRC) WorldCat - Part 1 of 2 (PDF, 455 Kb) 11/10/10
Learning Resource Center (LRC) OpenSearch Web Browser Plug-ins (PDF, 377 Kb) 11/3/10
Exploring Invisible Web Resources: Part III - Homeland Security Digital Library (PDF, 237 Kb) 12/17/09
Exploring Invisible Web Resources: Part II (PDF, 145 Kb) 6/10/09
Exploring Invisible Web Resources: Part I (PDF, 199 Kb) 5/6/09
Firetalk: Staying Abreast of Fire Service Trends and topics via Podcasts (PDF, 160 Kb) 4/8/09
Subject Searching: Understanding How Information Is Organized (PDF, 181 Kb) 3/4/09
How to Find Executive Fire Officer Program Applied Research Project Papers (PDF, 304 Kb) 2/18/09
Harnessing the Power of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) (PDF, 286 Kb) 1/29/09
Get Better Results (Part 2): Google Search Advanced Techniques (PDF, 221 Kb) 1/7/09
Get Better Results (Part 1): Google Search Basics (PDF, 250 Kb) 12/17/08
Quick tips for searching the Learning Reseource Center (LRC) Online Catalog (PDF, 289 Kb) 12/10/08