Portable Extinguishers

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Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Help) Date
Wheeled Extinguishers (PDF, 547 Kb) 6/3/14
Documenting Hydrostatic Tests (PDF, 519 Kb) 2/18/14
Water Mist Extinguishers (PDF, 476 Kb) 11/13/12
Overview of "Class D" Agents (PDF, 159 Kb) 8/21/12
Clean Agents for Streaming Applications (PDF, 180 Kb) 8/7/12
BC Fire Extinguishing Agents–Dry Chemical (PDF, 359 Kb) 10/25/11
Portable Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Testing (PDF, 200 Kb) 3/2/10
Minimum Hydrostatic Test Pressures for Extinguishers (PDF, 233 Kb) 1/19/10
Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers: Electrical Conductivity Testing (PDF, 187 Kb) 10/3/06
Application of Class K Portable Fire Extinguishers (PDF, 160 Kb) 9/19/06