Standpipe Systems

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Training Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Help) Date
Standpipe Hose Inspections and Tests (PDF, 129 Kb) 6/24/14
Steel Pipe Standards for Standpipe Systems (PDF, 527 Kb) 2/11/14
Hose Connection Clearance (PDF, 497 Kb) 6/4/13
Standpipe System Reliability (PDF, 186 Kb) 9/4/12
Stair Landing Hose Outlets (PDF, 277 Kb) 10/12/09
Standpipe Express Drains (PDF, 231 Kb) 12/30/08
Standpipe Pressure Regulating Hose Outlets (PDF, 98 Kb) 7/24/07
Standpipe Types (PDF, 204 Kb) 10/17/06
Standpipe Classes (PDF, 200 Kb) 10/10/06
Class I and III Standpipe Hose Station Locations (PDF, 132 Kb) 8/29/06