The Damage Assessment Process in Cape Coral, Florida following Hurricane Charley

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David Kilbury


This descriptive research project dealt with damage assessment following Hurricane Charley. The problem was Cape Coral Fire Department had not evaluated the damage assessment process following Hurricane Charley. Failure to research this prevented identifying potential improvements in damage assessment for future disasters. The purpose of this project was to assess the methods, instruments, and opinions of those who performed damage assessment for improvement in future disasters. This study answered three questions. How was damage assessment performed following Hurricane Charley? What were the opinions of how damage assessment was conducted by field personnel? What were the opinions of how damage assessment was collected by EOC personnel? Research was conducted by literature review, research of others, interviews and surveys. The findings determined that despite difficulties, the damage assessment operation was successful. Recommendations included assigning damage assessment drivers, conducting a community risk/capability assessment, improve training, update recording methods, improve communications and develop a two-tiered damage assessment system.