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The Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Olympic Gold Medal are recognized world wide as symbols of human excellence. These awards are bestowed on individuals in recognition of achievements that have made significant contributions to society. When individuals are recognized as outstanding, the entire culture benefits because our ability is pushed to the outer limits of what is possible and imaginable. Based on this, the National Fire Academy (NFA) Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) Outstanding Research Award was created.

A significant measure of the professionalism of any occupation is the quality and quantity of the research the discipline is based on. The Outstanding Research Award helps the NFA achieve its mission of increasing the professionalism of the fire service.

The faculty have selected these papers as examples of outstanding work; to recognize the authors, contribute to the fire service literature, and inspire others to achieve new heights of excellence.

2012 Outstanding Research Award Winners

For the first time, the NFA has selected six fire service executives to receive the 2012 Outstanding Research Award. While historically only four awards are presented, one for each year of the EFOP, the large number of research projects receiving a perfect score of 4.0 in 2012 prompted NFA to increase the number of awards by two.

These research efforts demonstrate creativity, excellence in research design and results that will save lives and reduce property loss in the United States in the years to come. Congratulations to the winners!

PDF, 999 Kb Children with Autism and Fire Drills and Fire Alarms (PDF, 999 Kb)

Executive Development Course Awardee: David A. Cohen, Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal, Mountain Brook Fire Department. Mountain Brook, Alabama

PDF, 3 Mb It’s in the Numbers: Collecting injury and near-miss data can improve safety in the Dallas Fire Rescue Department (PDF, 3 Mb)

Executive Development Course Awardee: Lauren A. Johnson, Captain, City of Dallas Fire Rescue Department. Dallas, Texas

PDF, 1.6 Mb Spatial Cluster analysis of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Mesa, Arizona (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

Executive Analysis of Community Risk Reduction Course Awardee: Scott Somers, Ph.D. Administrator, Mesa Fire and Medical Department. Mesa, Arizona

PDF, 406 Kb Gate Access Time Study for the Rancho Mirage Fire Department (PDF, 406 Kb)

Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management Course Awardee: Steven A. Brooker, Battalion Chief, CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department. Perris, California

PDF, 1.5 Mb Using Social Media to Communicate with the Occupants of Large Residential Buildings during Fire Emergencies (PDF, 1.5 Mb)

Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management Course Awardee: Christopher Watson, City of Austin Fire Department. Austin, Texas

PDF, 3.1 Mb Residential Fire Sprinkler System Mandates: Extent of Citizen and Firefighter Resistance (PDF, 3.1 Mb)

Executive Leadership Course Awardee: Michael Dell’Orfano, Assistant Chief, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority. Centennial, Colorado

2012 Applied Research Roll of Honor Inductee

Fire Chief Cindy Dick, City of Tallahassee (FL) Fire Department, has been inducted into the Executive Fire Officer Program Applied Research Roll of Honor for completing all four of her Applied Research Projects at a 4.0 level.

Chief Dick is only the ninth EFOP student to attain this honor in the history of the EFOP, which now has over 3,300 graduates. Congratulations Chief Dick!

25th Anniversary Applied Research Legacy Award Winners

To celebrate the progress resulting from thousands of Applied Research Projects over the 25-year history of the EFOP, eight prior Outstanding Applied Research Award winners have been selected as Applied Research Award Legacy winners. The work of these fire service executives represents the best of the best. Of these eight, four are further recognized by an elite panel of evaluators from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Harvard University and the National Science Foundation as Silver Anniversary Research Award winners:

Stephen Abbott California, June 2011 Assessing the Effects of Energy Beverages Upon Firefighter Health and Safety (PDF, 332 Kb)
Brian Ashton Idaho, 2011 The Fire Risks of a Corn Field Maz (PDF, 1.1 Mb)
Joseph Lynch Alabama, June 1997 Nocturnal Olfactory Response to Smoke Odor (PDF, 459 Kb)
  David Mager Massachusetts, 2002 Evaluating the Results of a Modified Bunker Gear Policy (PDF, 656 Kb)
  Cecil Martinette Virginia 2002 Learning Organizations and Leadership Style (PDF, 5.5 Mb)
  Vincent Werner Texas, 2002 Evaluating Compliance with NFPA 1710 (PDF, 2.6 Mb)
  Dr. Bernard Williams Canada, 1995 Development of a Strategy for Conflict Management During Fire/EMS Department Amalgamation (PDF, 145 Kb)
Kenneth Wood Illinois, 2001 A Quality Control Program for the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

= Silver Anniversary Research Award Winners

Previous Outstanding Research Award Winners