Research Projects Bibliography

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This bibliography is a listing of Applied Research Projects completed by participants of the U.S. Fire Administration's National Fire Academy's (NFA) Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP). EFOP participants are required to perform research and document their findings for each of the four EFOP courses.

This bibliography is a compilation exemplary research projects (papers that received a 4.0 grade.) The authors are alphabetically listed by State. The diversity of the research topics illustrates the degree of complexity facing today's fire service, and most important, how research can be utilized as a tool to solve problems, enhance service delivery, and increase the professionalism of the discipline.

The issues and problems facing the fire service of tomorrow will no doubt be formidable. The National Fire Academy congratulates and recognizes the authors listed in this bibliography for their commitment and contribution to research. Their hard work and perseverance will assist the fire service in saving lives and will enhance the quality of life for all Americans.

Projects are available via interlibrary loan by contacting the U.S. Fire Administration's Library on (800) 638-1821 outside of Maryland or (301) 447-1030. Abstracts of the projects may be previewed from the Library's Online Card Catalog.

Participants with an asterisk (*) by their name received a NFA Outstanding Applied Research Award for their work. A diamond (♦) indicates induction to the NFA Applied Research Honor Roll and all of their research papers received a 4.0 grade.