NFA Course Evaluation

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The Academy has developed a comprehensive evaluation program to determine the level of student satisfaction with the NFA training experience, and how NFA training affects the student's performance on the job. Students can rate their satisfaction with NFA courses by completing the end-of-course evaluation that is administered at the close of each training session.

NFA courses also are evaluated by students and their supervisors using the Academy's Long-Term Evaluation program. NFA invites students and supervisors to sign up and complete the online evaluation process 4 to 6 months after the student has returned to the job following NFA training. In this way, the Academy can determine what elements of NFA training have been transferred to the job and ultimately are making a difference in the reduction of the loss of life from fire-related hazards.

Through the NFA Evaluation Center, students, supervisors, and coworkers are encouraged to share experiences and provide feedback to NFA on application of training following the students return to regular duties.

NFA has a special interest in reports about Academy influence on: