Graduation Ceremony

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graduation ceremony

A student recieves a diploma

All students are expected to attend the National Fire Academy (NFA) Graduation Ceremony at the conclusion of their course. Graduation for 6-day classes is held Friday at 4 p.m., and graduation for 10-day classes is held Friday at 8 a.m. Generally, NFA graduation is held in the E Building Auditorium, which has a seating capacity for approximately 500 people.

The recommended graduation attire for NFA students is:

Although family/friends cannot be provided with lodging on the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) campus, they are welcome to attend NFA graduation. Please visit the Hotel-Motel National Master List for a listing of hotels in the Emmitsburg, Maryland area. Parking for guests is available in the J Building parking lot.

Family/Friends attending the graduation ceremony must be escorted on the NETC campus by the student, who is required to meet them at the main gate. At the gate, all visitors will be asked to surrender a photo identification (ID) to NETC Security officers who will issue a visitor’s badge and a temporary parking permit. When the visitors depart from the NETC campus, they will be required to turn in their visitor’s badge and parking permit to NETC Security; their photo ID will then be returned to them. NOTE: Students must escort/accompany their visitors at all times while they are on campus.

Students, who plan to request visitor’s access for their graduation, must submit the names of the visiting guests to their instructor(s) at the beginning of the class.

Visitors holding a current HSPD 12 compliant federal PIV badge and active or retired military ID card holders are exempt from the escort requirements.

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