Everyone Goes Home

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Changing the Culture through FESHE, Honoring the Fallen, and Promoting Prevention through Education

The Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) community is comprised of colleges and universities in the U. S. that deliver fire- and EMS-related degrees. The International Association of Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (IAFESHE) has partnered with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to incorporate firefighter safety into the degree curriculum and promote culture change in line of duty death prevention through education.

Through this partnership, the FESHE community and the Foundation are collaborating to promote the Everyone Goes Home campaign to the fire science students who represent the current and future leaders of the fire and emergency services.

Everyone Goes Home: Promoting Firefighter Safety through FESHE

The goal of this video is to inform and motivate fire science students, faculty, and others passionate about changing the culture of firefighter safety through education and training to discuss firefighter safety with students and buy bricks for the FESHE node on the Walk of Honor at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. On the video, you'll hear from a fire officer at the 1999 Worcester cold storage warehouse fire where six firefighters lost their lives, a mother of a fallen firefighter who benefitted from the work of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, and from national leaders who describe their personal experiences and the importance of education in changing the culture of firefighter safety. The video was developed in cooperation with the Foundation.

FESHE Node on the Walk of Honor.

To advance this shared vision of honoring fallen firefighters and preventing future line of duty deaths and injuries, the FESHE community can purchase bricks on the Walk of Honor that winds through the grounds of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial park. The Park is located on the grounds of the National Fire Academy (NFA) in Emmitsburg, Maryland and is the first national memorial honoring America's fire service. The Walk of Honor is adorned with circular nodes set aside for sponsors supportive of the Foundation’s mission.

Such a node is reserved for the FESHE community. A bronze plaque bearing the FESHE program mark is centered within the node and surrounded by bricks purchased by colleges and universities that have academic fire programs and State fire training academies. The node is an impressive array of institutional logos and insignias. There is also a section of bricks next to the node to honor:

Donation Level: Accredited Institutions and State Training Organizations
Double brick within Node (Logo/Insignia only) $250
Donation Levels: FESHE Partners Section
Fire service training and fire department partners $150
Educational materials and service providers $150
State, regional, local, and tribal fire-related organizations $150
Group purchase honoring a graduating class, fire science course, collective effort, or an individual $100
Individual purchase honoring a mentor, instructor, colleague, graduate, or others $100
All double bricks $250
Five brick purchase $400

Donations are tax deductible. For more information on the Memorial’s Walk of Honor and how to purchase a brick, visit www.firehero.org.