FESHE Recognition Program

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The Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Recognition certificate is an acknowledgement that particular collegiate division of emergency services degree programs meet the minimum standards of excellence established by FESHE professional development committees and the National Fire Academy (NFA).

These regionally accredited colleges and universities have demonstrated a commitment to the nationally recognized FESHE model of standardized professional development education criteria. At present, FESHE has concentrated on degree programs that emphasize firefighting response, fire prevention and fire administration and emergency medical services management degree programs.

Recognition Requirements and Processing

Institutions of higher education may become FESHE partners by following these steps:

  1. Meet the basic program criteria:
    • A regionally accredited school
    • Teach the FESHE core curricula
    • Agree to comply with reporting student course completion records
  2. Submit a completed “Request For Recognition” to NFA with your institution’s course outcomes attached. FESHE model course curricula titles and outcomes

Each completed “Request for Recognition” will be sent from the NFA to the FESHE review committee for evaluation and concurrence.

For example:

Anywhere Community College (ACC) submits a “Request For Recognition” and course outcomes for its Fire Science Technology Associate’s degree program. ACC’s application materials will be reviewed by the FESHE review committee. A progress letter will then be returned to the applicant regarding status (accepted or found deficient).

NFA will send approved “Request for Recognition” to the State Fire Training Director for his/her concurrence. The State Fire Training Director will return the endorsed “Request for Recognition” to NFA. The NFA will issue the Certificate of Recognition and NFA Superintendant’s letter to the school. Officially recognized schools will be publicly acknowledged at the annual National FESHE Conference, if they so desire.

FESHE Recognition Certificate Process

Steps to FESHE Program Recognition

If “Request for Recognition” is denied at any review level it will then be returned to the college for corrective action. Non-concurrence at any review level means no recognition.

Quality Assurance

FESHE recognized institutions must:

For further information contact: FEMA-FESHE@fema.dhs.gov