Job Aids

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Fire Protection Equipment Demonstration Tools Job Aid

Fire inspectors, firefighters and building officials who have to work with modern fire protection systems often like to have hands-on training with these devices.

The National Fire Academy offers a free handbook so you can build your own fixed or mobile training facility for fire protection systems and equipment such as automatic sprinklers, fire pumps, range hood suppression systems, and standpipes.

This product helps:

Illustration: Time vs. Products of Combustion

The illustration demonstrates the relationship between time and how a fire grows. Various warnings and interventions, such as smoke alarms, fire sprinklers, and the fire department are depicted along the timeline.

Using Engineer and Architect Scales

Using and interpreting information from engineer (civil) and architect scales is an important fire protection engineering skill. Construction and fire protection equipment drawings must be interpreted with a high degree of accuracy.

Given an architect or engineer scale and a set of scaled drawings, this job aid will show you how to select the correct scale (tool) and interpret dimensions with 100 percent accuracy.