NFA-Sponsored Two-Day Off-Campus Program

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A strong partnership exists between NFA and state and local fire training systems to advance the professional development of fire service personnel. This partnership has resulted in the ongoing development and delivery of the Academy's distance delivery curriculum.

Many volunteer and career fire service personnel cannot take time to attend resident programs, so these off-campus delivery courses, most of which are two days in length, provide training opportunities within the state and local communities. Courses are selected and co-sponsored jointly by NFA and state and local fire training systems. States have the option of electing to use some or all off-campus deliveries as Train-the-Trainer Programs. Course materials are handed off in digital form to the state training systems hosting Train-the-Trainer deliveries.

For information on hosting a two-day off-campus course, email the NFA Off-Campus Program Manager.

The courses offered for the Two-Day On-Campus Delivery Program are identical to those offered through the Two-Day Off-Campus Delivery Program. The same instructors used for off-campus, nationwide deliveries teach the courses for both deliveries. The curriculum covers a variety of subjects, including fire/injury prevention, public education, company tactical operations, incident command, health and safety, hazardous materials, and leadership.