NFA-sponsored six-day and 10-day off-campus courses

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Six- and 10-day deliveries were developed because of limited space at the Emmitsburg campus. These courses provide the fire service and allied professionals the opportunity to attend NFA on-campus courses within their geographical region. They mirror six- and 10-day courses normally taught at NFA's resident facility. Although minor modifications sometimes are required, basic course content and materials are the same as on-campus courses. NFA provides two instructors per course, paralleling on-campus delivery, plus all training materials.

The NFA's Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) network is the mechanism through which six- and 10-day off-campus courses are coordinated and implemented. TRADE members consist of state and local training and education administrators who are in an excellent position to determine the training needs of fire service personnel in their regions and throughout the United States.

TRADE sponsors the course deliveries, and local hosts select and coordinate training facilities, arrange for support, provide instructional equipment, secure student housing and meals, and provide onsite administrative support. Students are responsible for costs associated with individual travel, lodging and meals.

Course numbers listed in other sections of this website may differ from those listed here because these designate six- or 10-day off-campus delivery. When applying for an off-campus course, please note on the application that the course being applied for is a six- or 10-day off-campus delivery, and list the course dates, location and the correct off-campus course code.

Information concerning application procedures, courses, dates and locations of deliveries within the regions is disseminated through the regional TRADE network, or can be obtained from the Off-Campus Program Manager at (800) 238-3358, ext. 1301, or (301) 447-1301.