One- and two-week on-campus courses

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The National Fire Academy (NFA) offers over 40 one- and two-week on-campus courses in 12 curriculum areas on its campus in Emmitsburg, MD.

Select a curriculum area below for a list of courses, descriptions and schedules.

On-campus six-day courses: “two for the price of one” opportunity!

The NFA on-campus schedule for Fiscal Year 2014 presents a unique opportunity for you as a prospective student. Eight pairs of six-day classes are scheduled to begin on May 4, 2014 and May 11, 2014. We have “packaged” back-to-back six-day courses into a two-week block so that you may attend two courses on a round-trip travel stipend instead of just one. The courses were selected so that if you meet the selection criteria for the first course you will also meet the criteria for the second. Rather than completing one 10-day course in a normal two week period, you will complete two six-day courses and earn two NFA certificates. Courses also include (or will include by the time the course is delivered) Continuing Education Units (CEU) and American Council on Education (ACE) college credit recommendations.

You will need to apply for the two-week sequence of classes; you cannot “mix-and-match.” In the list below, the first course listed is scheduled for the week of May 4 and the second course listed is scheduled for the week of May 11. For example, in course pair #1, R0186 is scheduled for May 4-9 and R0492 is scheduled for May 11-16. If you apply for R0186, you must also apply for R0492.

The course pairs are:

  1. R0186: Conducting Local Risk Reduction by Company Officers
    R0492: Emergency Resource Deployment – Standards of Cover
  2. R0158: Emergency Medical Services Quality Management
    R0139: Hot Topics Research for Emergency Medical Services
  3. R0348: Changing American Family at Risk
    R0629: Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention
  4. R0671: Managing Effective Fire Prevention Programs
    R0378: Demonstrating Your Fire Prevention Program’s Worth
  5. R0204: Practical Applications of Fire Dynamics and Modeling
    R0255: Electrical Aspects of Fire Investigations
  6. R0108: Evaluating Performance-Based Designs
    R0138: Hot Topics Research in Fire Protection
  7. R0312: Command and Control of Incident Operations
    R0297: Command and Control Decision Making at Multiple Alarm Incidents
  8. R0243: Hazardous Materials Incident Management
    R0314: Command and Control of Fire Department Operations at Target Hazards

To apply for the “two for the price of one” opportunity, you must submit an application (FEMA Form 119-25-1) for each course, and submit the applications together as a package. The application period opens on October 15 and closes December 15, 2013.

We will notify you no later than February 15, 2014 of your acceptance into the two courses. You should not make travel arrangements until notified by the NETC Admissions Office.

Questions about this opportunity can be directed to: or to the individual training specialist listed on the course detail page on the website.

Please share this information with your colleagues and help us make this new opportunity a success for the fire and emergency services community.