Two-Day On-Campus Program (formerly State Weekend Program)

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The Two-Day On-Campus Program is offered at the National Fire Academy (NFA) as an educational opportunity for fire and rescue personnel from specific states to attend two-day courses. These courses strengthen a state's fire service community through education, personal networking and a shared collegial experience. The Two-Day Program offers students an opportunity to grow professionally through a quality educational experience and to increase their knowledge and skills to provide a safe and effective response to their communities.

State fire training agencies sponsor the Two-Day Program in cooperation with NFA. The state agency selects the courses and recruits and enrolls the students according to established student selection criteria. The NFA hosts the program and provides the instruction and course materials. This program provides a unique opportunity for NFA and state fire training agencies to collaborate in the delivery of a quality training program.

Course materials are provided at no cost to participants. Lodging is provided at no cost to representatives of career or volunteer departments and state and local governments. Meal costs and transportation expenses are the responsibility of the individual participants or the sponsoring agencies.

How to Apply

Those interested in attending a Two-Day Program at the NFA should contact their state fire service training agency. Participating state systems have information on course content, transportation and registration requirements.

For general Two-Day Program information, contact the NFA Program Manager at (800) 238-3358, ext. 1871, or (301) 447-1871.

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