Massachusetts Fire Service

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Y112 - Instructional Methodology I (36 Hours)

Y213 - Training Officer Workshop (6 Hours)

Y656 - Emergency Vehicle Operator - Awareness (6 Hours)

Y421 - Hazardous Materials: First Responder Operational - (8 hours)
The purpose of this course is to educate the firefighter about the basic strategies needed to safeguard their health and safety when their work involves potential exposure to hazardous materials. The program includes classroom lecture, video and slides on topics ranging from health and safety, recognition and identification, to basic principles of chemistry. Several case histories and exercises are included to enhance interaction and emphasize the importance of the program.

Y422 - Hazardous Materials Technician - (40 hours)
This course is designed to train personnel who respond to hazardous materials incidents in an offensive mode. Educational objectives of pertinent standards will be met. Classroom theory on response safety, recognition, identification, hazard and risk assessment, toxicology, incident management, protective clothing selection and radiation is covered. Response to incidents involving potential weapons of mass destruction is discussed and practiced. Hands-on exercises in decontamination, communications instrumentation, incident migration and incident simulations are presented. Visits to active industrial sites will be made.

Y115 - Public Fire and Life Safety Educator - (40 hours)
This program will help the fire educator continue to raise the bar for quality fire and life safety education. Students will become versed in current educational philosophies including how children learn, multiple-intelligences, lesson plan writing, classroom management, and educational reform. Students are expected to utilize the key fire behaviors when designing and delivering a fifteen-minute presentation to the class.