Nebraska State Fire Marshal & State Fire Marshal Training Division

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Y753 - National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) Introduction and Application (6 hours)
This course provides potential users the capability to work with the new incident reporting system and make determinations on its applicability to their organization. The participant will be able to identify benefits of the new system by understanding the purpose of each module, new categories and coding, structure of the handbook and quick reference guide, and module necessity per any particular type of incident. They will also work with private vendor software, utilizing the features of drop-down menus, point and click and auto-fill, and view the ease of completing incident reports. The participants will devote three hours to the new system, paper reporting, and utilization of the handbook; and three hours to computer data entry from incident scenarios on vendor software. (Private vendor software utilized is at the discretion of the presenter and State AHJ)