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National Training Needs
Are your training needs being met? In an effort to exchange ideas more quickly, increase our understanding of your training needs, and learn if we have addressed your concerns in our current curricula or technical support aids, the National Fire Academy invites TRADE members to submit your training proposals to Deputy Superintendent Robert Neale.

Training proposals should address:

The actions, events, work performance, or behavior where improvements are needed.

What specific skills are lacking that training will correct, improve, or reinforce.

Benchmarks for improvement (e.g., accuracy, time to complete tasks, compliance with standards, etc.).

What students should be able to do upon successfully completing the training.

TRADENET Email Subscription

This email list provides for the exchange of training information between members of Fire Service organizations. If you have a question or comment for inclusion in TRADENET, please send it and your contact information to TRADE. Your comment/question will be posted to TRADENET. USFA reserves the right to edit content submitted.

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The Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) program is a regionally based network designed to foster the exchange of fire-related training information and resources among Federal, State, and local levels of government.

TRADE was initiated in 1984 to address the difficulties that State and local fire training systems were experiencing in disseminating quality-training programs effectively. The essential components of the TRADE system are the 10 regional networks that correspond to the existing Federal regional boundaries. These networks provide a mechanism for the exchange of resources and materials within and among Regions. Regional TRADE co-chairs, one selected from the State fire training systems and the other from the metropolitan fire services in each Region, serve as the points of contact for both intraregional and interregional networking activities.

The TRADE network consists of the directors of the 50 State Fire Service Training Systems and senior executive training officers from the Nation's largest fire departments. Metropolitan fire department TRADE representatives are from the largest fire departments in each State or those fire departments which protect populations greater than 200,000 and/or have more than 400 uniformed personnel.

The objectives of TRADE are to:

Every 2 years all participating members are invited to attend a national TRADE conference, held at NFA, which provides structured opportunities for the exchange of fire-related training and educational materials, as well as peer networking. On alternate years, there is a meeting of the 20 regional TRADE co-chairs. Each regional network meets periodically with its membership for the same purposes.

The next TRADE conference is scheduled for March 2013. For further information, contact the TRADE Program Manager, Mike McCabe, at (800) 238-3358, ext. 1894, or email the TRADE network.