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This page may contain links to non-U.S. government websites. What this means to you » ( is the official website for the U.S. Fire Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is a public domain website, which means you may link to at no cost.

We encourage you to use the images provided below. They may be used only to link to the USFA website and not as a form of endorsement or approval from the U.S. Fire Administration, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency, or the U.S. Government. We ask that when you link to, you do it in an appropriate context as a service to your customers when they need to find official U.S. government information and services. We also ask that you keep the tag line "U.S. Fire Administration: Working for a Fire-Safe America."

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Short Version: The official website of the U.S. Fire Administration—Working for a Fire-Safe America.

Long Version: The official website of the U.S. Fire Administration. Here you will find National Fire Academy training and educational opportunities for the Fire Service and allied organizations. For citizens, we offer information on home fire safety. Also available are fire statistics, public fire education campaign materials, and information on funding opportunities. Federal travelers will find a directory of approved hotels and motels in which to stay while on official travel.

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U.S. Fire Administration

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If you have any questions about linking to the USFA website, the use of the USFA logo or want more information or promotional materials on USFA, please Contact Us.