National Arson Awareness Week

Each year, the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) creates a public education campaign to raise awareness of arson or youth firesetting, and provide individuals with strategies to combat these problems in their community.

National Arson Awareness Week is May 3-9

This year’s theme is “Accelerant Detection Canines.” Our educational materials will:

  • Provide information about the value and contribution arson dogs make to fire departments and communities.
  • Describe how using an arson dog in a community closes more cases and acts as an arson deterrent.
  • Highlight how arson dog teams visit schools and community organizations to teach fire safety and prevention.
  • Identify successful practices in communities throughout the United States.

We expect our materials to be available by April 3.

Mae and her K-9 partner Lt. Dean C. Mulvihill

Lt. Dean Mulvihill and his K-9 partner Mae are helping Howard County, Maryland close arson cases and teach fire safety and prevention to their community.

Previous campaign materials

Use these outreach materials from previous campaigns to help spread the word in your community.

Free publications to share

More information on arson and youth firesetting prevention