Smoking fire safety outreach materials

As a member of the fire service, you know all too well the dangers of unattended or improperly discarded smoking materials. These free resources are yours to use when educating smokers about the importance of practicing fire safety.

Emerging issue: electronic cigarette (e-cigs) fires and explosions. Although fires and explosions caused by electronic cigarettes are rare, more than 2.5 million Americans are using them, and this number is growing rapidly. Read this overview PDF 899 KB about how e-cigs work, recent fire and explosion incidents, and why most incidents occur while the battery is charging.

Smoking fire safety messages to share

It is important for smokers to know the steps they can take to keep themselves and their families safe from fire. Put these fire safety messages into your own words when talking to people about smoking and fire safety.

Outreach materials from the U.S. Fire Administration

Public service announcement: smoking and fire safety

Social media messages


Smoking is a leading cause of home fire deaths. Help increase awareness with these free materials


Smoking is a leading cause of home fire deaths. You can prevent fires caused by careless smoking! Smoke outside. Use deep, sturdy ashtrays. Always make sure cigarettes are put out completely. Never smoke in bed. For more information on smoking and fire safety, visit

Stock photography

Use our free high-resolution photos to customize your materials and help spread the word in your community about smoking and fire safety.

smoking fire safety outreach photo smoking fire safety outreach photo smoking fire safety outreach photo

Fire Prevention and Public Education Exchange

The Exchange serves as a centralized location for national, state and local fire prevention and life safety practices and public education materials that organizations may wish to share with other communities. Visit the Exchange

Outreach materials from other organizations

USFA recommends the following organization as a trusted and reliable source for free outreach materials you can use to help increase awareness about smoking and fire safety in your community.

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