National Fire Academy contract instructors and state officials

If you are a current National Fire Academy (NFA) contract instructor, or are looking for information on how to become one, the information on this page will assist you with meeting requirements of the contract instructor program. In addition, state and regional officials will find helpful guidance on participating in the NFA's annual Course Call.

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Information for contract instructors

How to become a contract instructor
General, administrative and course criteria requirements you must meet to become an NFA contract instructor.
Eligible instructors
A list of all instructors eligible to teach NFA courses.
Bids and awards: what you need to know
Everything you need to know about submitting an NFA course bid and checking for award. Also included is a list of successful bidders.
Invoicing for payment
Instructions for submitting your voucher online or through the U.S. mail.
National Fire Academy policies
Policies that NFA instructors need to be familiar with.
Updating contact and banking information
Instructions for updating your point of contact and banking information.

Contract instructor and course sponsor downloads

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