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Technology Assessment Completed for Hazard Identification Tool

The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate has published a technology report with the results of first responders' operational assessments of the Pendar X10 Handheld Standoff Raman Spectrometer PDF.

To provide feedback on features and functionality for urban first responder organizations, first responder evaluators used the X10 in an operational scenario that included a series of single and multiple chemical identifications. The X10 can identify hazardous materials that might be encountered in a wide range of law enforcement and emergency response applications.

Pendar Spectrometer
Pendar X10 substance analysis


  • Military, industrial and homemade explosives
  • Drugs
  • Chemical warfare agents
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Related precursors and byproducts
  • Other organic or inorganic materials

Assessment takeaways

Some key takeaways from the first responder evaluators' assessments of this technology include:

  • The X10's ability to scan unknown substances up to 6 feet away without causing an unintentional ignition was impressive.
  • The X10 user's need to auto-focus the laser to correctly identify certain chemicals has challenges in rapid and reliable execution.
  • The X10's weight could be distributed more evenly to support a responders' ability to use the auto-focus feature and increase their maneuverability when operating the X10 in hazardous materials personal protective equipment.

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Feb. 16, 2023 InfoGram.

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