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COVID-19 Funding and Resource Support for Fire and EMS

America’s fire and emergency medical services (EMS) providers are engaged in responding to one of the world’s most significant medical emergencies in modern times. The response to COVID-19 is not without impact in terms of the fiscal strain of extraordinary personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies and apparatus usage.

This page provides information for fire and EMS departments on cost recovery programs and how to order supplies and equipment through the emergency management process.

Cost recovery for fire and EMS departments

Learn how your fire/EMS department can obtain fiscal support for COVID-19 response through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance Grant Program and the Paycheck Protection Program.

Learn about these cost recovery programs

Ordering supplies and equipment

Your department may be eligible to order supplies and equipment related to your COVID-19 response under a FEMA declaration or the emergency management process.

Find out how to order supplies and equipment