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October 2019: The All-Hazards Articles Alert is a digest of citations to recently published first responder articles from scholarly, professional and trade journals. To request an article that isn’t online, please send us an interlibrary loan request from your local library.

Fire and Emergency Medical Services Research Monitor

Newly published studies on vital topics related to fire, life safety, emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency management.

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EMS Stress Management Education Standards: History and Evolution summary + summary -
Read the full text | Crisis, Stress, and Human Resilience: An International Journal
The goal of this research was to assist EMS providers with stress management and help them to lead healthier, more adjusted lifestyles by mitigating the negative consequences of stress.
Firefighter Suicides, Addressing the Concern summary + summary -
Read the full text | Network of Public Health Law
Results suggest that work stress and depression are the two primary independent variables contributing to firefighter suicide. A multi-faceted, proactive, prevention-based approach most effectively minimizes suicide amongst firefighters. Mental health awareness training, coupled with administrative support, is crucial to successful program implementation.
2019 Fire Service Health and Safety Report summary + summary -
Read the full text PDF 8.7 MB | Firehouse
This year’s report incorporates two intersecting circles of critical firefighter performance (decision making, health and wellness) and the nexus played by the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives in successful outcomes.

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