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October 2018: The All-Hazards Articles Alert is a digest of citations to recently published first responder articles from scholarly, professional and trade journals. To request an article that isn’t online, please send us an interlibrary loan request from your local library.

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Catastrophic multiple death fires in 2017 summary + summary -
Read the full text | National Fire Protection Association
Last year, 21 of these incidents resulted in 150 fatalities, topped by a series of historic California wildfires that killed 44.
Evaluation of potential occupational exposures to opioid drugs during an Emergency Medical Services response summary + summary -
Read the full text 142 KB | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Evaluation regarding concerns about possible exposure to opioids (including fentanyl or its analogues) after a firefighter-EMS responder developed symptoms during an EMS response to a drug overdose in January 2018.
Optionally piloted helicopters: A primer on a potentially game-changing technology that promises to save lives, property and money in wildland fire summary + summary -
Read the full text 1 MB | U.S. Department of the Interior
Able to perform all the functions of a traditional helicopter in the piloted mode, optionally piloted helicopters have provided expanded mission coverage and proven their ability to operate in hazardous environments without risking the safety of pilots.
Legal aspects of tactical emergency medical support summary + summary -
Read the full text 776 KB | International Public Safety Organization
Legal issues surrounding TEMS teams, law enforcement and allied emergency responders need to be fully considered prior to an incident that requires tactical emergency medical support.
How the opioid crisis is impacting first responders summary + summary -
Read the full text PDF 573 KB | International Public Safety Organization
The members of the Policy Task Force examined how the opioid crisis is impacting first responders, from the duties they perform to their overall mental health.

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