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April 2018: The First Responder Research Monitor is a digest of citations to recently published first responder articles from scholarly, professional and trade journals. To request an article that isn’t online, please send us an interlibrary loan request from your local library.

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Studies on vital topics related to fire, life safety, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and emergency management.

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Understanding and fighting basement fires summary + summary -
Read the full text | Underwriters’ Laboratories
Explores why basement fires pose a high risk to firefighters and what they can do to avoid injury.
How to develop a fire service UAS training program summary + summary -
Read the full text | FireRescue1
Developing a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) training program for public safety presents both technical and tactical challenges.
Dashboards for the fire service summary + summary -
Read the full text | Naval Postgraduate School
Examines how fire service agencies can best apply the principles of Business Intelligence (BI) toward constructing dashboards to improve agency performance. To accomplish this project, action research principles were applied to construct a first-generation model of such a dashboard.
Recommendations on selection and use of personal protective equipment and decontamination products for first responders summary + summary -
Read the full text | Interagency Board
Increased illicit use of opioids, including synthetic opioids such as fentanyl and its analogue carfentanil, is a source of increased risk to responders.
Wildfire warriors summary + summary -
Read the full text | The Engineer
The latest developments in aerial firefighting technology.
Searching for effective training solutions for firefighting: The analysis of emergency responses and line of duty death reports for low frequency, high risk events summary + summary -
Read the full text | Naval Postgraduate School
Explores whether emergency incidents connected to low frequency and high risk events contain sufficient warning signs or indicators of imminent catastrophic events, if firefighters could identify them, and if there was a potential of changing decision-making and averting a tragedy (firefighter fatality).
Best practices for preventing firefighter cancer summary + summary -
Read the full text | National Volunteer Fire Council
Describes availability of a new poster available to the fire service that lists specific actions that must be taken in order to address the cancer epidemic and protect firefighters.
Survival Mediterranean style summary + summary -
Read the full text | Frontiers in Public Health
Details lifestyle changes to improve the health of the U.S. fire service.
Preventing firefighter exposure hazards summary + summary -
Read the full text | Naval Postgraduate School
Examines detrimental health exposures for firefighters and recommends fire service policy and equipment upgrades designed to slow or eliminate these harmful exposures.

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