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August 2018: The All-Hazards Articles Alert is a digest of citations to recently published first responder articles from scholarly, professional and trade journals. To request an article that isn’t online, please send us an interlibrary loan request from your local library.

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Fanning the flames of megafires summary + summary -
Read the full text | University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Although drought and overgrown forests are often blamed for major fires in the western United States, new research indicates that various types of highly localized winds sometimes play a much larger role, creating large, destructive fires even when regional winds are weak.
Leaders focus too much on changing policies, and not enough on changing minds summary + summary -
Read the full text | Harvard Business Review
Most organizations pay far more attention to strategy and execution than they do to what their people are feeling and thinking when they’re asked to embrace a transformation. The most effective transformation begins with what’s going on inside people.
Leading organizations through change, Part 1 summary + summary -
Read the full text | Fire Engineering
Over the past 10 years, there have been too many instances where a change in policy or culture has failed because of resistance, leading to poor service delivery, civilian and firefighter injury, or a loss of resources (money, people, equipment). To be successful, change management becomes an indispensable tool for a public service organizations’ ability to move forward.
Station design: The dangers of sleep deprivation summary + summary -
Read the full text | Firehouse
Tips for station layout and design that can reduce the effects of sleep deprivation on firefighters.
Fire PIOs taking advantage of social media summary + summary -
Read the full text | Firehouse
Fire department PIOs from Maryland to California are embracing social media to release info on incidents and awareness campaigns.
Fire dynamics: Understanding heat from a firefighter's perspective summary + summary -
Read the full text | Canadian Firefighter
Today’s fires are far more dangerous and can exceed the limitations of personal protective equipment. These conditions require firefighters to gain a deeper understanding of fire dynamics — how fires start, spread and develop.
Hydrogen fueling safety summary + summary -
Read the full text | Occupational Health and Safety
Various regulatory entities have done much to ensure the safe handling of hydrogen, but much more will be needed as the use of hydrogen energy increases. Like most flammable gases, there are safety concerns to address when managing hydrogen fuel.

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