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January 2020: The All-Hazards Articles Alert is a digest of citations to recently published first responder articles from scholarly, professional and trade journals. To request an article that isn’t online, please send us an interlibrary loan request from your local library.

Fire and Emergency Medical Services Research Monitor

Newly published studies on vital topics related to fire, life safety, emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency management.

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New Real Time Mapping System Used on Cave Fire summary + summary -
Read the full text | Wildfire Today
In September, the Orange County Fire Authority began a 150-day pilot program to use and evaluate the Fire Integrated Real-Time Intelligence System (FIRIS).
A Systematic Review of Workplace Violence Against Emergency Medical Services Responders summary + summary -
Read the full text | New Solutions
The primary goals of this systematic literature review were to (1) define the issue of violence experienced by EMS responders and (2) identify the risk factors of violence associated with the EMS profession.
Implications of the California Wildfires for Health, Communities, and Preparedness summary + summary -
Read the full text | National Academies Press
Wildfires can be particularly devastating for vulnerable communities as members tend to experience worse health outcomes from them. Because burning wood releases particulate matter and other toxicants, the health effects of wildfires extend well beyond burns. In addition, deposition of toxicants in soil and water can result in chronic as well as acute exposures.
How to Survive a Firestorm and Empower More Resilient Wildland Firefighters summary + summary -
Read the full text | Crisis Response Journal
The psychological and physical health and welfare of firefighters is vital for them to protect their communities and themselves.

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