National Emergency Training Center library newsletter Spring 2019

Library highlights

Thanks for recognizing our library stars!

We asked you to nominate stellar library employees for special recognition during National Library Week (April 7-13) and you delivered. Thanks for recognizing the good work of librarians Julie Beecken, Beth Tredinnick and Ed Metz, as well as Library Clerk Kathy Hood.

Julie Beecken

Julie is a Star because she did an outstanding job on some research I requested. Did so in a very professinal manner.

Beth Tredinnick

Beth is a Star because she uses her institutional knowledge to help whoever approaches the library for guidance. As is often the case, people get routed to the library because no one is quite sure who can help them. Beth, a front-line worker at the reference desk and on the phone, doesn't tell these patrons that they've come to the wrong place. Instead, she takes down their information and personally contacts the person who can help them.

Kathy Hood

Kathy is a Star because she not only assists students and staff for research materials, books and magazines, but helps search the internet for the best and lowest costs on designated purchases for the NETC Library. Sometimes these purchases take a couple of weeks to compile to meet cost, shipping and availability dates. Kathy works hard to compile purchase orders for approval by the government librarian, which then are submitted to the budget analyst and credit card holder for purchase. Kathy is easy to communicate with and is always ready to help if there are questions. She is definitely an asset to the NETC Library.

Ed Metz

Ed is a Star because he leads the staff at the NETC Learning Resource Center. The entire staff is responsive and more than willing to share their knowledge, and best of all, their resources, with all of the students and staff here at NETC. It is a joy to work with them and an honor to promote their services. Thanks, team!

Thanks also to the NETC Recreation Association for donating the gift cards we awarded to our National Library Week scavenger hunt winners. And thanks to all who attended our library's Open House.

National Library Week 2020 will be held April 19-25. Stay tuned for more details.

National Library Week poster

EMI Higher Education Symposium

Evening at the Library June 2019

As part of the Emergency Management Institutes's annual Higher Education Symposium, the library hosted a gathering of authors for a meet-and-greet event that included a talk by Head Librarian Ed Metz and a tour of our facilities. The theme of the symposium was “Highlighting Diversity, Inclusion and Unity of Effort.”

Several authors were available to discus their new or forthcoming books on emergency management, including Claire Rubin, Alessandra Jerolleman and Dean Kyne.

book collection

New to our library

Titles added to our collection

Featured new books

10-96 (we're on the way): 40 true stories that can help save your life
After great disasters : An in-depth analysis of how six countries managed community recovery
Black heroes of fire: The history of the first African-American fire company in Chicago: Fire Engine Company 21
A community of one: Building social resilience
Disaster relief aid: Changes and challenges
The disaster survival guide: How to prepare for and survive floods, fires, earthquakes, and more
Get things moving! FDR, Wayne Coy, and the Office for Emergency Management, 1941-1943
How safe are we? Homeland security since 9/11
It's time to step up! Leadership lessons from the fire service
The library book
Managing Hurricane Katrina: Lessons from a megacrisis
Rebuilding lives post-disaster