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Show us your favorite fire hydrant

decorative fire hydrant in Buffalo, New York

Some U.S. communities allow for decorating fire hydrants in coordination with the fire department as part of public art projects. Librarian Ed Metz spotted this one while out and about in Buffalo, New York. If you've got a favorite you'd like to see in this space, email us at

Please: Don't send us copyrighted photos and make sure your photo doesn't have people in it. We can't post pictures of people without their permission.

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library's digital sign

We're using it to highlight library services and new materials in our collection, as well as NETC campus news and events. Stop by and see our new sign. We're open to suggestions if you have an event you would like to promote.

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library display

The timeline sign above, donated by Dr. Claire B. Rubin, helped anchor our September display. Do you have an item you're interested in displaying? Every month, we showcase some part of our collection. If you have something you'd like to see displayed, or if you have an idea for our monthly spotlight, let us know. Our email is

book collection
  • July: Battle of Gettysburg. A collection commemorating the 155th anniversary of this historic battle. Browse the collection.
  • August: Weather and Climate. Six U.S. weather-related disasters with losses exceeding $1 billion each have already occurred in 2018. Explore this collection to learn about extreme weather, weather prediction, mitigating weather impacts, and record-setting weather events.
  • September: Terrorism. This collection highlights the issues that make terrorism one of the most challenging and serious threats to peace and security at home and abroad. Browse the collection.

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