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Research guide: Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management

This guide is designed to help third-year students in the Executive Fire Officer Program find the resources they need to fulfill the requirements of R0306, Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management.

On this page you’ll find course-related links to scholarly articles, as well as books on emergency management and incident command.

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Call or email the library to let us know how we can help. Our toll-free number is 800-638-1821. You can also schedule a research consultation.

The Library also offers a rotating schedule of research classes on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons while EFO students are on campus.

See the class schedule

Scholarly articles at the NETC Library


Book cover: All Hazard Field Guide
Book cover: Campus Emergency Preparedness
Book cover: Critical Incident Management
Book cover: Disaster Operations and Decision-Making
Book cover: Emergency Operations
Book cover: Informed's NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide
Book cover: National Incident Management System
Book cover: The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

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