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Master Exercise Practitioner Program research guide

These research resources will help you to find the information you need for your Emergency Management Institute / Master Exercise Program coursework. If you have any questions, please call the NETC Library at 800-638-1821 or send us an email.

Recommended books

Book cover: Animals in emergencies : learning from the Christchurch earthquakes
Book cover: Behavioral health response to disasters
Book cover: Big crisis data : social media in disasters and time-critical situations
Book cover: CBRN and Hazmat incidents at major public events : planning and response
Book cover: City evacuations: an interdisciplinary approach
Book cover: Communications and planning for the disabled in emergencies and disasters: considerations and effective practice
Book cover: An introduction to emergency exercise design and evaluation
Book cover: Local planning for terror and disaster: From bioterrorism to earthquakes
Book cover: Nationwide response issues after an improvised nuclear device attack: medical and public health considerations for neighboring jurisdictions - workshop summary
Book cover: The private sector's role in disasters: leveraging the private sector in emergency management
Book cover: Protecting seniors against environmental disasters: from hazards and vulnerability to prevention and resilience
Book cover: Responding to catastrophic events: consequence management and policies

Other NETC Library resources

  • Articles on exercises – Browse articles from the last five years on exercises, tabletop exercises, training simulations and emergency management.
  • EMI MEPP exercises – Learn from your predecessors. These exercises represent the best work written by previous students in the Master Exercise Practitioner Program.
  • HSEEP – Articles and other resources about the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program.
  • Interagency cooperation and emergency managements – Browse journal articles from 2012 to the present.
  • Legacy training exercises – Exercises from the 1970s created by the Office of Civil Defense, Civil Defense Staff College, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Highway Administration, and Environmental Protection Agency, as well as numerous state emergency management agencies.
  • Simulation trainings – More than 250 articles, books and other resources from the past five years.

NETC Library Catalog search tips

Visit the catalog

  • Use the search drop-down box to limit your search to Title, Author, Subject, Concept (i.e. searches all synonyms) etc.
  • Use Advanced Search to limit results by item types such as Journal Articles, Scholarly Articles, Dissertations, Reports or Government Documents.
  • Do not include punctuation in your search.
  • Browse our Library Thesaurus to find the best terms for your search.

Lessons learned

Disaster and Town Management Tabletop Exercise Reflections


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