National Fire Incident Reporting System training and coding help

The U.S. Fire Administration provides free training and information to help personnel successfully use the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) so that fire departments and communities can take full advantage of the benefits the system offers.

National Fire Academy training

Free classroom and online training to enhance the knowledge and skills of NFIRS users.

Help with coding incidents

Coding questions guide

The Coding Questions Guide 2016 – PDF 181 KB contains instructions on how to code NFIRS 5.0 incident reports in a question-and-answer format.


These short bulletins provide coding help to fire department personnel using NFIRS. NFIRSGrams address frequently asked questions and common mistakes made when completing incident forms.

firefighters at a car fire incident

Why getting the incident type right matters

This NFIRSGram explains the importance of correctly coding the Incident Type field in NFIRS. This field is the foundation for completing your incident report and providing an accurate picture of the types of incidents your fire department responds to.


NFIRS Data Warehouse Application and Report Workflow

An overview of the NFIRS data warehouse (NFIRS DW) application and the workflow for running a report.


NFIRS Data Warehouse Application and Report Workflow: Scheduling Features

This video highlights the report scheduling features of the NFIRS DW application.