National Fire Incident Reporting System applications, user login and registration

These web-based applications and tools from the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) provide reporting and data transmission capabilities for National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) state program managers and fire departments.

NFIRS login and registration

Active users — log in to NFIRS

If you registered for the NFIRS but were not notified that your account is active, contact your state’s NFIRS program manager.

New users — register to use NFIRS

To access the USFA’s NFIRS 5.0 software and tools, you first need to register. Your state’s NFIRS program manager will notify you when your account is active.

NFIRS applications and user tools

Using the applications and tools requires internet connectivity and a browser version and PC that meets the system requirements as outlined on the information page for each application or tool.

State program managers may assign permission to use one or more of the tools below to active NFIRS users. To request access to the tools, contact your NFIRS state program manager.

Application/ToolUse it for:
Bulk Import Utility (BIU)Uploading data files for processing at the national level and running a daily report against the uploaded incidents.
Bulk Export Utility (BEU)Exporting data from the national database.
Report Incidents (DEBI)Entering NFIRS incidents via a web browser.
Change Password UtilityChanging the password associated with your user account. Accounts inactive for 45 days will be deactivated.
Forms-Based Incident Report (FBIR)Generating a forms-based incident report for a single incident or multiple incidents saved in the national database.
Summary Output Reports ToolGenerating standard output reports on NFIRS data after entering report parameters and filters.
System Administration ToolsManaging incidents and groups, releasing and unreleasing incidents, and viewing logs of all actions performed.
Data Warehouse Access Administration Tool
Unavailable: contact for status
Managing Integrated Security and Access Control System (ISAAC) user accounts by associating NFIRS groups with them. ISAAC accounts are USFA-specific accounts needed to access the data warehouse.